Arena of Destiny Banes (Geralt) vs Manta (Voldo) FT5

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Nov 27, 2018 at 2:22 PM
Posted by Ragnarok Tyr
Arena of Destiny. Sundays at 8pm est live on Twitch: Https://Twitch.Tv/Ragnarok_FGC sign ups held every week on Twitter @ Https://

Match list is as follows:

BigBunny (Sophitia) vs SCRP Blackmore (Seong Mi-Na) FT3

H4zard (Raphael) vs AG Barkels (Siegfried) FT3

King Tomahawk (Mitsurugi) vs Trepound (Kilik) FT5
Banes (Geralt) vs Manta (Voldo) FT5

Dr Hates (Cervantes) vs Mick (Xianghua) FT5

CarbonClyve (Ivy) vs MrSugaBear (Nightmare) FT5
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