Arena of Destiny Playlist - Week 1

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Nov 12, 2018 at 3:02 PM
Posted by Ragnarok Tyr
Beginning this past Sunday and continuing onward, each week our stream features a variety of players in FT3 & FT5 sets for competitive sport. Last night had a number of matches featuring players from different backgrounds. Some, Calibur purists, others crossing over from other scenes.

IRM vs Signia
Crzy Fingers vs Solid Terry
UPR SugarNuts vs ShimDuckRoll
Saltface vs RagingRicans
Jonnitti vs Dr Hates
King Tomahawk vs FyreNecromancer
Linkorz vs Big Daddy
Big Bunny vs Boom

Next episode will be streamed on Nov 18th @ 8pm est. live from

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