Very interesting. I was wondering about Kayane's views on females/males and the FGC.


Jul 5, 2012 at 7:51 AM
Posted by Malice
Mere days away from the highly anticipated EVO 2012 event, international competitor, Kayane, surprised attendees by her visit to Bar Battles 2. While there was a relatively small turnout of players for SoulCalibur V, all the matches were intense and entertaining. After the SCV concluded, Kayane and I took time to chat about her overall experience in Philly, her first impressions with SonicFox, a new prodigy competitor, females in the FGC, as well as the atmosphere at MLG events vs. FGC hosted events. There's even a brief cameo featuring Big E (LOL!)

This was definitely the most comprehensive interviews to date. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks again to Kayane for participating! Follow her at:


Special Thanks to Jaxel of for portions of the featured footage in the trailer.

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