It just makes me wonder if viola can do this too with her orb.
WELL, I tried to replicate this in training mode again... and it worked..! I did it three times with a slight difference in the GI animation

I guess Slade is right (kind of) but the GI shows that Ein hits the front but still, ZWEI can block it.

So I guess don't CE ZWEI's 66A+B...

It's too bad namco stopped giving a shit about this game xD
Yeah. There's really no answer for that. Except ZWEI a shit.
Well I just replicated this scenario in training mode and ZWEI gets hit by the CE if he doesn't JG the GI....
I'm still puzzled and in search of answers.
Meh.. doesn't it clearly show ZWEI getting staggered by the GI? o_o
ZWEI needs to be nerfed again..
Checked frame by frame; the CE impacted Ein. ZWEI never got staggered by the GI.

I forget if this is normal behavior for 66A+B (Ein being 'detached' from ZWEI in the same way Algol's bubbles are 'detached' from him when they get GIed), but who cares, it's ZWEI.
I would have teabagged at the end of the round Kappa
Probably has something to do with Ein hitting from behind instead of in front (Ein is considered a projectile and projectiles have weird properties in this game...)

Also.. Nothing is true; Everything is permitted
It's them damn CaS hitboxes.


Jun 4, 2014 at 4:03 PM
Posted by LockDownZ

He didn't JG the GI so how?
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