CEO 2012 Soul Calibur V Pool 4 Losers Finals Kayane (Viola) VS BEENEEWEENEES (Voldo)

Sad commentary from Bibbulus or whatever he is called.
Long story short, beeneeweenees, AMAZING mobility. If it wasn't for the fact that viola has broken damage off of low risk moves, and Voldo doesn't have any super combos, BNWNs outplayed you, but AMAZING watch, probably the best match I have ever seen.


Jun 27, 2012 at 9:13 PM
Posted by Kayane
Matches from CEO2012 in Orlando, here is the Pool 4 Losers Finals Kayane (Viola) VS BEENEEWEENEES.
Seriously, this is an AWESOME match, you'll understand especially at the last match, you definitely have to check it out...I stopped to breathe during the last this was so HYPE !!!!!! Especially since it's a very decisive match where the loser of us is out of the tournament...

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