(Combo Glitch?) Dampierre B!E! comparison after 623B & A+B

It's because the combo count is so high. If you've ever tried making up some of your own combos with Viola, you'll experience the same thing. However, this doesn't necessarily mean 21 is the max amount of hits for a combo. Elysium can get 50+ lol.
Hey WhYYZ. Actually, I used A+B twice in another combo, B!E! didn't fail me, but that was on a stage with a breakable walls...I've even done A+B W! A+BW!, A+B, B!E! 4B...
You used A+B twice. And some moves alter if used more than once.


Aug 7, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Posted by AZYG4LYFE
Post 623B, B!E! comes out normal so you can finish with 4B, no issues

HOWEVER!!! post A+B however...it's a different story...are his legs that tired?

This is just a one-off (I think), might dig into it some more....shall be tweeted to Daishi (if he even gives a £££ about it we'll see...)
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