Compiled of good moments MIDHUNTER VS KA_KUI 27/12/2013

yeah @WhYYZ i do it sometimes but it's still difficult for me in actual fight to realize when is orb8A+B or set 8A+B XDDD, but im working on it, thanks ;)
Do yourself a favor and punish viola's 8A+B.
lol the only scrubs i see are the blind ones...if I can make a ukemi JG online in second 00:16, how you both can be so noob to think i cant do something simpler than that like a iFC8B??....the only reason is latency you stupids noobs, when you show me doing an ukemi JG playing online we talk ;)
i know how to do it , just sometimes the lag input in online mess it up XD


Dec 27, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Posted by ka_kui
some good moments of our set of fights 27/12/2013
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