coolcmcgee's Final Round 16 Bounty List

i wont be at Final Round :(
it says eliminate i.e. remove from tournament so you would have to play them in losers
2 things
1. do you still get bounty money if you put them in losers?
2. where is bop kingwalker?
Just FYI, IRM isn't in TITANSQUAD.
i'll be 30 dollas richer by the end of FR :O
Actually Zoom, you and McGee put together are 10$, but both of you must be eliminated
I like the part where you put a bounty on yourself. Kinda a reverse money match.
You will never eliminate all of TITANSQUAD420 swag.


Mar 17, 2013 at 2:16 PM
Posted by coolcmcgee
this is my official bounty list. i am not affiliated with FR or those organizing it
10     5     1,460