Copa SCBR 2010 - Final - Miura VS. Camus (Sem narração)

Thank you, he'll be proud to know about his approvation =]


Nov 12, 2010 at 10:15 AM
Posted by Toshiaki
Hello everyone!

We from Brazil are proud to share our experiences with you!

From now and beyond we'll post all our competitions and tutorials here for you to enjoy and comment. This video is about our last tournament, the Copa Soul Calibur 2010 (Soul Calibur Cup 2010), wich was a competition organized with keys similar as the FIFA World Cup ones, where we have 8 groups with 4 players, inside these groups the 4 players fight all agains all and the 2 with the better scores goes do the next step of the competition.

Here we have the Final, with Rodrigo Miura(Ivy, Sophitia) VS Henrique "Camus"(Raphael).

Enjoy and comment!

Thanks everyone! (is in Brazilian Portuguese, but nothing Google Translator can't resolve). (under maintenance).
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