Death By Katars: Voldo block punishment guide: Patroklos(info in the description

This is cool and all, but the misplaced apostrophe in the title is killing me and my OCD.


Dec 22, 2013 at 7:33 PM
Posted by coolcmcgee
1A -17: 66B, wr B
6BBB -16: 66B 2nd hit can be sidestepped or 8A+K int LF B BE can be used for style points
3B -16: 66B
3KK: Duck the second hit and use wr AA
1K -18: 66B, wr AA
wrK -18: 66B, 1K
wrKA -16: the timing on 66B is a bit difficult so just use 6B. on JG 66B 1K and CE become available
A+B: duck as soon as you see the the green flash and then press your favorite button after it whiffs
2A+B -22: 66B, CE, wr B
wrA+B -15: 6B
B+K -14: 6B
11B -14: 6B
66K -16: 66B(if too far away wont punish 6B always hits)
11K -16: 66B (if too far away wont punish WR B always hits)
44K -16: 66B 44KK is high-high and the delay can make this difficult to punish but can be ducked and punished with wr AA
66A BE +8: just guard 2nd hit for CE,66B, or 1K second hit can also be sidestepped
236B BE -5: just guard second hit and punish with 66B or sidestep to Pat's left
1B BE -12: mid high mid duck the second hit and quickstep the 3rd to Pat's left (use 1k or 22B)
CE -20: 66B, 1K, CE

Justice Step
A -16 : 66B
AB -16: 66B, or JG 2nd Hit and punish with 66B or 1K 2nd hit can be sidestepped
B -20: 66B, 1K, CE
K -18: 66B, 1K
2     3     689