DeathInMyEyes (NM/Voldo) vs. SaltFaceGA (Tira)

DIME, your hair makes Jim's seem unviable o.O... Also great matches to the both you!
Thanks, Enk! And yeah, not even RTD was blocking BS CR A+B... move is amazing.

And I prefer to end combos with 3B over 666B. Its exactly 1 damage less and they can escape 666B if the timing is even slightly off. I just don't feel 1 damage with a chance of clean hitting for 5 damage is worth the risk of fucking up the combo. 3B does have slightly worse wakeup than the 666B ender, which does suck, but voldo is still at advantage.
I have to call you out on this, DIME. First off, Voldo to the rescue! 2nd off, nobody ever blocks BS 236A+B.

Now I have a question... Why are you doing 3B after the 666B, 66B combo? You really can't be doing it for better wakeups? I saw no opportunities where you had good wakeups after doing 3B for the finisher. Please stop being lazy and go back to doing 666B for the last hit again. It does more damage than 3B and has better wakeup options. At least A+B won't whiff.

Really, other than that, great job!
He was using a phone camera, so that's probably why it didn't have zoom.
your camera doesn't zoom? what is this 2009?


Apr 3, 2013 at 7:46 PM
Posted by DeathInMyEyes
Taken at FR 16. And yes, before you ask my camera doesn't zoom, shit is Fisher-Price.

This was recorded and uploaded by Suphy/Badass99/SBA
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