DOIN' WORK in Soul Calibur V Ep. #10 (B-B-B-BONUS matches!)

Nice Mitsu, man! I'll be studying this quite a bit. I have a lot of trouble against Astaroth as well but it feels pretty even with Mitsu...maybe a 6-4 in Mitsu's advantage. Voldo has a horrible time with Astaroth though, can't even get in with his range.
Another great episode, keep it up. Also you are not an average player, I am an average player and you look like you're better than me by a fair amount.
Yes! Another Fahros episode. Congrats on reaching A rank, by the way.


Apr 9, 2012 at 8:12 PM
Posted by Fahros

Hey guys, here with Episode #10 of DOIN' WORK!

I tried to make this one a good one!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the matches! Lots more on the way soon!

Oh and don't worry what I said about the trolls you guys. The VAST majority of you all are awesome, and you know who you are. ;)

Until next time, take care,


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