DOIN WORK in Soul Calibur V - Episode #31: THAT'S HOW WE DO IT!

"ERRG!!!" "ARG!!!" That Aeon Ralph match had me rollin' hahaha. I love your vids man keep it up.
You took me literally when I said I thought a small fish could play Viola...

And you didn't notice his gamertag even though I put a fuckin zoom on it...

Yeah...that's enough.
Yeah, I see that.
But then you say Viola can be played by a trained goldfish, without any irony.
I mean, which way are we going here? Are we messing around with Patroklos and not caring if we lose, or are we putting people down for using a specific character?

(...and then I notice the gamertag.)
Well, that makes more sense.
OK, I might let you off this time, sir. This time.

I get this crap every time I use her, and after so long, it rubs me the wrong way. It makes playing Soulcalibur online genuinely unpleasant and I try to root that attitude out wherever I can.
That's what happens when I don't know her...and I pick Pat, lol.

I was messing around man, and you're sitting here trying to make some sort of point. If you think I've ever gotten "amazingly salty" over this game you're pretty far lost. I laugh my ass off every vid! Get out of here with that nonsense! lol
Hah, Patroklos or not, that Viola wasn't exactly great, and I've seen you get amazingly salty over her in the past... :P
I think you said last episode that you don't know match-ups too well? ...well Viola is gimmick crazy, and beyond that she's a solid character. If you don't know her, that's what happens.
Bro I was using Pat, LOL
Fahros... Your fear of Viola made sabotaged your victory, clearly.
A trained goldfish using Viola might be able to beat you, but, not anybody who knows her gimmicks.

I'm really curious to see how much my Viola would annoy you now. :P
Astaroth's 22B BE can't be stepped consistently. GI on reaction if possible, or guard it.
But geegees, yo, and sorry if my connection is bad :(
Tried to JG that last hit but accidentally went into CR.
I'm just a guy who loves Soul Calibur! And it really makes me happy that truly great players like yourself can even find these videos entertaining lol. Thanks Hawekeye <3
Fahros having the best time ONLINE....(-_-) ITS HILARIOUS! But i love that u having fun playing SCV in general.
>implying no one trains to block 2KBs