eLive.pro|Kayane (Leixia) VS Nightmare on Soul Calibur V DEMO

Nightmare's theme = EPIC!!......
It seems that Nightmare has a normal voice again like it was in SC I&II
lol That 4KK BE was pretty wicked. I'm kinda liking NM this time around.
They really need to add multiple dialogue on CE's
Weird for Leixia to be talking about justice for a change, I guess that isn't only Patroklos' thing.
That BE at 2:02 is just what the doctor ordered.
What the hell stages change depending on ring outs now!?


Nov 30, 2011 at 5:17 PM
Posted by Enkindu
Here are some matches of me playing Leixia against the CPU as Nightmare (very difficult mode).
The Soul Calibur V AI is EXCELLENT.

In this video, you can see a bit of the potential of Nightmare by watching the computer playing him. The AI is very smart and rarely does random moves, so it's fun to play with it !

I had the chance to play this demo version at Namco Bandai Italy, I thank them a lot for allowing me to play the game !

I'm uploading more videos, because I could record a lot of them!

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