eLive.pro|Kayane (Leixia) VS Tira on Soul Calibur V DEMO

Lol, that was funny when Kayane broke Tira's grab, and Tira said "WHAT!"
Tira's JS 44AA is not a Guard Breaker anymore, I wonder if its even + on Grd...
what does tira say when she does her critical edge? o.o
I dont think "very difficult" is the highest difficulty. Its always been "Edge Master" in the other games.
Even if Kayane says the AI is excellent and very fun to play with I think its rather weak for the highest difficulty.


Dec 1, 2011 at 10:00 AM
Posted by Malice
Here are some matches of me playing Leixia against the CPU as Tira (very difficult mode).
The Soul Calibur V AI is EXCELLENT.

In this video, you can see a bit of the potential of Tira by watching the computer playing him. The AI is very smart and rarely does random moves, so it's fun to play with it !

I had the chance to play this demo version at Namco Bandai Italy, I thank them a lot for allowing me to play the game !

I'm uploading more videos, because I could record a lot of them!

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