First SCV Trace sesion Alex_3D (Pyrrha O.) VS Trace_afj (Viola)

Is that Cassandra's 236B I see? I'm so maining her!
Haha thank you guys! I was able to get the game in a namco event tournament!

Viola is awesomly funny to play! love her even if she´s low tier, I think I have a new main! ♥
I gotta PLAY AS THEM ALL!!........ I MUST!!!
I don't know what skill level you play on, Trace, but you make Viola look like Hilde. <3
How hard is it to play Viola? A friend said its pretty hard.
Dammit! 1/31 needs to hurry the fuck up!!!


Jan 28, 2012 at 7:30 PM
Posted by Trace_afj
Loving Viola ♥
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