First SCV Trace sesion Alex_3D (Tira) VS Wesker (Nightmare)

@GrayGuy7 Now Tira is a competitive character, she removes less life to herself in combos, changes jolly to gloomy and viceverse much more easily, the difficulty... have eliminated many jf, JS 4AA now not is jf, but I would say it is like in SCIV
Soon Tira will be mine..... I cannot wait to train with her and show people how it's done.......
Dammit! I knew I forgot to try someone! How could I forget Tira!? Now I REALLY can't wait until 1/31! So Alex, how is she now? It looks like she plays better. She's not damn near killin' herself to do big combos anymore. Has a lot of her inputs changed? Is she easier/harder to use?
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Jan 28, 2012 at 8:10 PM
Posted by Trace_afj
Spanish players freeplays!!
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