Getting Better: Using Ranked Online

wooooooooow i never thought of ducking patroklos BE thing or 6BBB but now im inspired to do what you do also im gonna go play ranked right now
I agree with your points. I remember back in the day when I got incredibly bitter and didn't accept defeat.
I found it a bit unusual that someone asked a first to three but now I see why. I'd really like to face you again, since my Algol match-up knowledge is lacking.
That seems to be REALLY helpful!
Not bad. Well formed opinion. Especially the part about one being opened and accepting defeat (not many people out there with mature way of thinking like that). Imo, that attitude should simply be combined with spending many hours fighting people (NOT ai).
I have made a progress recently, but I can only dedicate time to SCV in the evening (because of work and sh*t). At least I try to play online every night.


May 13, 2012 at 2:47 AM
Posted by Sp1d3r
A note about practice mode: CPU's only real function is to improve your reaction time. Using strategy against the CPU will usually make you worse because it doesn't react the way humans do.
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