Earlier, I saw an undersized, even by CaS standards, Natsu CaS.
the video is meant to show the stupidity of hex editors well some of them, garjian you're alright to me
Im with garjian on this, all this guy did was make it harder for himself
Its guys like this a-hole though that disgraces hex editors >_> .
This is the lamest hex...
Great... you've changed 2 entire values (and disadvantaged yourself... grabs miss, JS 4A doesn't work).

green, I don't know why you'd choose this example to complain about hexxing, and whoever made this has a lot to learn. :/
Really isn't a punchline.
And with Gaypierre's voice, none the less. I have never met a troll like this before, lucky me.
I know some people think its funny, but this kinda shit is dumb as hell.


Nov 27, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Posted by Green Extreme
Hex editing needs to stop for real
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