"Gods Guide Me, Up The Bum" Dolphin Fights: SoulCalibur II

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Jul 16, 2017 at 3:00 AM
Posted by Heishiro92
Note: Could contain language

Wowwee. I go online and try to play some SoulCalibur II with the better of them. I know I should have turned off the FPS and Ping counter but it's good to have. Online as in Dolphin so it's the Gamecube version. So watch me perform against a very good player (Insert Name Here) and see the results of my Assassin and Mitsurugi.

Thanks to the SoulCalibur II Discord for having a set-up guide and thanks to those that helped me get it set up and tested with me. Sadly Tekken 7 is the only thing that I'm currently playing... That and Crash.

If you like SoulCalibur and stuff here's a bunch of playlists.

SoulCalibur IV Tower of Lost Souls:
SoulCalibur III Chronicle of The Sword:
A bunch from all the mainline series:
Here's my Twitter if anybody cares: http://twitter.com/_Mr3000GT
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