@AmyIntwined so I just checked, while I was midair, I was mashing A and trying to air control away, while I got glitched it appears I actually did press down and G for a roll attempt, as soon as it happened I was back in the arena
I'm not sure mysef, I think I was pressing down the whole time trying to air control away from the ledge. At that point I just accepted I would get RO'd, but then I couldn't press anything from the sheer amazement of what I just witnessed.
I think I still have the replay stored in my battle log, so I'll have a look at the button inputs later on just to confirm for you
Did you try to roll or anything while you were on the ground?... I have a feeling you would've slid off if you did. Similar thing happened to me except I caused it :3


Aug 26, 2014 at 2:57 PM
Posted by ZER0
Ivy: "ugh FFS NM GTFO!!!!"
NM: "whelp looks like I'm going for a swim"

*****moments later*****

Ivy: "wait what!!??? how??? why???"
NM: "didn't feel like going for a swim...the water was cold"
Ivy: *facepalm*
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