Guard Impact Fun in Soul Calibur V


Feb 22, 2012 at 5:04 AM
Posted by Elternteil
A funny online match in Soul Calibur V. I'm one of those who really miss the meterless Guard Impact from SCIV as I believe a defensive move that stops combos that can potentially shave about 50% of your life is extremely helpful. To me, GI is pretty much SC's version of Killer Instinct's Combo Breaker, but with more skill and punishable on failure. But I won't go too technical as I'm not really that hardcore. Anyway, what's really cool (and hilarious) about this match is how I somehow was able to GI most of this Algol player's attacks, with the only really intentional one being the backface B+K (which I love so much). I miss you meterless GI!
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