All the characters are listed as "SPAWN". LOL


Nov 12, 2011 at 10:56 AM
Posted by DevilsDisguise
This is the original "Hack Calibur" video by DracoLacertae (demo moves by Draco), showing what happens when you use a Gameshark to have the characters fight in each other's styles. View for instructions on doing this on your own PS2!


Ivy as Maxi
Maxi as Ivy
Astaroth as Talim
Talim as Astaroth
Nightmare as Taki
Taki as Nightmare
Mitsurugi as Xianghua
Voldo as Cassandra
Cassandra as Voldo
Yungsung as Cervantes
Cervantes as Yungsung
Suong Mina as Sophitia
Sophitia as Sueung Mina
Kilik as Yoshimitsu
Yoshimitsu as Raphael

Followed by 3 weird battles:

Inferno vs Seung Mina

Flameless Inferno as Ivy

and Finally ...

Pyro Heihachi vs Heihachi
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