I remember this. Yeah it was a GI JG CE. I used BB to bait a GI against you, but you casted CE right away. Otherwise, I would have just done 8A and immediately flown over your CE rather than guard it lol. Because I committed to the GI I couldn't do anything else in that situation but to JG that CE. If you listen closely, you'll hear the GI sound right as you cast your CE(might need headphones).
I did this against Signia as well during EVO 2014, he GI me and would should have had a guaranteed CE but I JG it completely. Still lost though. The Video is somewhere, Idk.
Great game by the way!
Man if there is ever a tournament in the Seattle area, I'll definitely be there.

I remember fighting you Vile, your NM was pretty good.
Only way I could out do this one to, idk show up at tournament.
This isn't just a JG CE. It's a GI whiff JG CE which makes this even more swag
Yeah he really cheated death in this fight.

1. @2:59 the wall hit just didn't freakin happen. (hence my wiffed ear slicer)
So I was like "Ok, he's blinking red. I'll just guard break him with my CE"....NOPE. smh
This fight is actually what motivated ne to learn how to JG the casts CE's.


Mar 28, 2015 at 5:15 PM
Posted by BloodyTigerRoar
Props RINGOUT... Props
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