ahah go Astaroth! the triple bullrush into low grab RO is insane, how could he fall far that? He was probably already losing his mind xD
The Jumping B RO is golden.
I tend to feel really stupid when i get ROed much lol.
Thats not me Kalas - i am a B4 rank and have way cooler color edits Kappa
Haha, the last one was the best. I've never seen a RO off of a 9B lol. Poor ChaosK.
lol Asta is a joke in SC5. cant stand his play style.
funny vid though and yea i wouldnt be surprised if that Sieg got salty and messaged you.
Nah, he's a good player and we're friends. But he did jokingly say "I hate you" before he left, which probably wasn't actually a joke at the time, lol.
man did that seigfried player send you some hate mail?


Jul 29, 2013 at 8:18 PM
Posted by HolyCarp
So I've been casually playing Asta every now and then for a couple of weeks now, and I thought I'd make a montage from about 3 games I recently had with a Siegfried player.

The trick is to forget everything you know about frames and just go for ring outs.
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