lol at my grammer XD
lol here we go again obviously a joke but you know yet again you take things very serious XD. you seem to have this habit. Yet again everybody but you has seem to understand. I'm guessing you like to starting unneeded flame wars due to your inability to understand jokes. You need to chill /facepalm that shit. GGs
Woah woah woah, just to clear something up.

The people that don't want to hear you ramble for 57minutes, are tards?

People go and give you legitimate feedback, and then you make comments and status updates about how you're going to re-do the video...for the retards?

I see your PR skills are as good as your tutorial making skills.

Lol I'm making an abridged for tards version lol...
Saitoh covered only about 10 moves out of Pyrrha's List. im doing the entire list.
In case you missed it. This is a vid that Saitoh did when SCV came out. PUnishing Pyrra has already been done
I missed the middle 20 minutes of the vid cause I feel asleep. But yeah Fahros and Sp1d3r hit it on the head. Less talk...more information!!

I still love you like a fat kid loves cake!!
and you are NOT black!!!
Dang, Fahros has spoken. My only two cents is: Pacing and get to the point
Totally not relevant, but... Omega's coming fer 'ya.
IRM is bad at making videos #Corrections
true i was definitely thinking about doing Text on screen and when i do the NM one i will definitely put more effort into it. I understood what your saying and i definitely appreciate the criticism. Yeah looking back on the vid i see what you mean. Text on screen for Frames ill Script what I'm Saying to clearly project what i'm saying.
Wow what's up with my grammar / random errors in my post.

Well hopefully you got what I was saying. You *should* definitely consider editing.

And doing it at 2AM is no excuse man. Do your viewers know it was 2am? Or even care? Nah. People just want to know what works, and what doesn't, and only watching a view minutes of this I was left wondering "So wait...what?"

Text on screen when you're talking about frame data / moves would also help a lot.
alot of the stuff that i did fuck up on actually does work seeing how i did this at like 2 AM on PS3 my inputs aren't exactly perfect.
Thanks for yout input!! ill definately consider that when i do the nightmare one!! lol
You shouldn't definitely consider editing these kinds of videos.

and Teaching 101: Know what you're talking about. People don't want to watch a 'guide' and then see the video maker in there saying one thing works, and then turns out it doesn't. Or hearing you say one thing doesn't work, and whoops, turns out it does. Can easily lead to a lot of confusion, and then you waste half your time just correcting yourself.

Stop being lazy, and put a little more work in to these, and you could have something here. Maybe the next one will be a little more solid, and not be the length of a short movie.
Lol Xeph your next after i get my revenge
Oh, wait, you played Ramon. Nevermind!!


Dec 10, 2012 at 3:25 PM
Posted by IRM
Hello everyone back again with something im gonna start doing more often. In preperation for APEX i've decided to compile a ton of data on the cast of characters not only to up my game but to solidify my confidence for offline play. This is Just Episode 1 Pyrrha Punishment. In the Next episode i will either do Nightmare or go over the top 10 moves with Maxi. Thanks for sticking around waiting for me over the past few months and i hope you Maxi players can enjoy this.
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