If you dislike viola, LIKE this video

I HATE Viola, and it pisses me off that I have to use her damn style when I play as Elysium
I lol when I realized that the video was tagged with Amy. Who I hate anyways.
This was fucking stupid.
I like that viola custom 3p, but thats about it.
I'm with Zaden on this one :/ Sorry If this insults you.
Whoops, my bad. Couldn't tell it was one of us. But the whole concept of "Like this if" style thumbs-up whoring is pretty dumb on YouTube, so I don't see why it wouldn't be dumb here.
@Zaden, when people keep saying slick, hintful shit. I search for you online and play my best just to keep my vids uploaded. Don't think this was a scrub playing viola cause this viola is one of the people that commented on this media video. Just saying but if you want to say hintful BS assumptions, then I will look for you and you will be my next upload.
Guys, check out my kick-ass video! I beat a scrub online! And she was playing Viola! Yeah, it's so good... *jacks off* Oh, yeah, I did so good in that match... *fap fap fap*

LOTHESOME CUR *smashes boobs into opponent*
ivy broke, her tits are too big, her ass is too fat, her thighs are too thick.... she can crush you with any one of those body parts and do over 200+ damage in one move.... THAT smarty... is broken
I'm severely disappointed by this video. I was hoping to see some evil ToD combo ( cough that I can learn and use online cough cough) I don't hate Viola, but her pressure can be overwhelming.
Idc what anyone says. NO CHARACTER should be able to take your health up in one combo. With BE or not. Idc, she broken....
If you want to make a video like this, you could at least try to show that she's OP by getting hit by a ToD, so I find this video 100% pointless.
thats a uhm.... a really...uhm... "good" viola


Mar 16, 2013 at 6:16 PM
Posted by FinalLifeG
Ugghh, *Throw up*
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