I think your Ivy is really good, however I think you should try using 7_8_9B+K when you are spaced out. That combo at the end isn't very efficient with the amount of meter IMO, however you could afford to waste it all anyway. GG.
Smarty.... You're style gets you killed
I can't believe you've found ways to incorporate 44B + K. The only situation it ever works for me in is when your opponent is in a corner. Lol, I remember you getting me and someone else with it earlier.
Nice looking, but not worth the meter IMO - obv in this case you could afford to burn it, but generally I would go with the option below or other options^^
My, candy cane stockings sure is chunky. But yeah, never saw that before. Wow!
Yea I know people know of this combo but I foundd it funny that all his efforts meant nothing in the end.
For that GB, why do the extra 1bBE~6b8 if you could do 6b8BE which does more dmg? Plus, it looks sexier, and you can do Smarty style at the end (214a after 6b8BE)
aww. i expected something different


Oct 29, 2012 at 3:19 PM
Posted by SaneOne96
SCV 2p Ivy (SaneOne) vs. Cas Ivy (Moonchild_27) I landed a nearly 200 dmg combo and i was removed for it right after. No one asked him to try and use ivy. Lolol
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