KingWalker0 (Tira) vs Fenris Zero (Pyrrha)

Ease up off my boy KingWalker. Lol
Its online, get at him offline. 8P
You guys dont even know. Thats NOT KW. Thats his homie playing.

KW also RQ'd on oofatic last night. Hmmmm, maybe they switch off. One plays while the other jerks the other guy off.
I dont think saying Exposed counts when referred to KingWalker.
Dude dont you know thats NOT KingWalker? He let his buddy borrow his xbox and he would mop the floor with ANY of us. Least thats what he said when I raped him
Like i said doe when you be down on the ground you did the same crawly crawly crawly and i dont know what the fuck you be doing


May 2, 2013 at 4:03 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
Credits for music goes to ash sinner:

SOULCALIBUR V is owned by Namco Bandai.
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