Leixia vs viola random stuff

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Sep 1, 2012 at 8:03 PM
Posted by optymuss
just some random stuff. Leixia 6K and 3K work well when attempting to punish violas SET 6B+K followups. 2K works too. you can use 6KK to evade the orb entirely if viola blocks the 6K.

oh forgot to mention SET 6B+K 6B. SET 6B+K 6B can be sidestepped to leixia's right. SET 6B+K 6B 3B will whiff id you sidestep the 6B+K. SEt 6B+K 6B AA can be punsihed by crouching after blocking 6B and punishing with FC 3B. SET 6B+K 6B GRAB can be punished by sidestepping orb and using 3A or 3B.
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