Maxi's hidden BE that IRM knew about since week 1

Oh a move that isnt in the moves list isnt hidden?

lol yea thread closures arent really a big deal. I actually dont recall anyone making a big fuss about it, other than the normal I knew this already, old news yatta yatta stuff... Anyways Im just saying I made the video already... dont really care who gets their testes in a wrinkle because they think it isnt hidden or they found it first.

I think I showed all the instances this could occur in my vid...

And dave I already know... lol
Kinda like some people thought that 66B had a BE. But nope you can actually hit the LI A BE really early to make it look like the 66B was in fact the BE....but it aint. same case here
I seem to remember people shouting about how it wasn't a hidden move at all etc. The thread got closed too IIRC.
I posted the first video for this... IRM probably knew about it from my vid...

How did i catch shit about it? I was the first one to make a video for it.
Here RedDijn already got shit for this back around week two, now it's back with the same amount of love.
and LOL's to Drakes "Usually this happens because of mashing buttons...."

HAHAHAHA thats exactly what I was thinking
Sorry to say this, but this was discovered WAYYY back.

If you don't believe me ------>
no, the LI A BE wasn't "canceled", the LI A at the end was a BE, but without the flash. I should know, since I've done this before and seen it mentioned before.

Usually this happens because of mashing the buttons out. Mashing the buttons would make sense, since after hitting 66B, LI B comes out instead of LI A BE (which is probably what you intended in the first place, but the game received a B input first, either unintentionally, or from mashing A+B+K).

nothing wrong with mashing, I know this because I happen to play Mashxi. and Mashmare, and Mashtaroth, and...
@IRM: glad I made you happy :)
@DrakeAldan: it's actually not correct what you said, this is not an early stance BE A commitment. As you can see I made the LI B before the backfist. So what happened was LI A BE CANCEL (wtf?) into LI B, LI A. So it appears as if the LI B would be a BE-version. I thought I'd be the first person witnessing this BS, but Dr. IRM already found out about this phenomenon in the late 90s of the past century. ;)
Those color edits made me think this was me playing at first.
lol i knew about this Week 1 HAHA change this title :D
You can activate LI A BE early while in stance, so that the flash comes before the backfist.

Wow, Leixia's JP VA is really high-pitched.


Jun 22, 2013 at 2:26 PM
Posted by LuRkiII
Maxi's well known LI BE B at work.
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