Messing with 6A+B is just stupid

*sigh* That's enough to make me grieve AND laugh. See? *LOL*
XD well raise that with the ZWEI God, he was the one playing in the vid. How many frames does the TC on 6A+B last for anyway?
I was dissapointed to see ducking H's when you could've 6A+B'ed.
Well you know what they say about the power of 6A+B ;)
That Maxi was flawless couldn't have done it better. Well maybe some *twitch* *twitch* 6A+B, but you're on your way. Maybe that NM got inspired to not be humiliated anymore, but probably too much to hope for.
Why the hate?
To add some context, Andy was at my place for offlines and we decided to have some fun on XBL against poor scr00bs, helpless to the power of Maxi 6A+B.


May 16, 2016 at 12:54 AM
Posted by TxA
Performed by AndyrooSC. RIP K0gasamaru whose sacrifice for the cause will never be forgotten.
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