Mitsurugi Skill Project 2011

Nice vid and music- love watchin it and I don't even play Mitsu!
Freakin' amazing. I've been working on my own Mitsu skills pretty hardcore lately, but I'm nowhere near this level yet (I'm more upper-middle class atm, skill-wise). Great video; I had to pause in some spots to read a few bits of text at the bottom (only once or twice though) and then continue the video. I'll definitely have to try some of this out. Keep up the great work!
Yea, you are ridiculous yo, i only wish i had the chance to fight you.
you are amazing! These moves you are doing are un heard of!
This video makes me want to play Mitsu again. Belial is too good with him. If you add amazing reaction time/ defense and all his BT combos, Mitsu seems just ..... over-powered.. 0.0.
It's unfathomable how you could best your video from last year, but you did it anyway lol. Props to you man!


Jan 23, 2011 at 12:03 PM
Posted by Belial
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