My Modded Creations showcase

"Not doing anything bad with these." Impossible to hit midget Dampierre
LOL dat Castle Crashers head.
V screw you menace, hes not even doing anything bad with these. These are the kind of hex edits I want to see, none of that invisible Algol crap I saw earlier on other videos. You did good on these.
Deadpool should always be a Dampierre character... They share a low kick.
Did you notice "Alpha Astaroth" did a Setsuka animation in his intro? aPat doesn't do that.
I might've included less Astaroths.

Other than that, yup, that sure is hex editing... mhm.


Feb 18, 2014 at 2:58 AM
Posted by Darkon360x
My CAS' mixed with awesome magic, Enjoy.

Shogun Death vs Justin Bieber - 0:05
Taskmaster vs Deadpool - 1:35
Skeletor vs Jason - 3:28
Red Knight vs Steve Austin - 5:33
Siegfried vs Assassin Astaroth - 7:00
Slayer vs Manji Astaroth - 8:34
Gaymitsu vs Patroklos Omega - 10:05
Pyrrha (Patroklos) vs Alpha Yoshimitsu - 11:49
Alpha Pyrrha vs Patroklos - 13:38
Alpha Astaroth vs Zwei Astaroth - 15:32
Lizardman vs Death - 17:28
Maxi Mishima vs "Alpha" Patroklos - 19:18
Bonus - 20:03
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