Ixhizy: AA is semi-safe on block.
fortunesfriend: Just punish with A:6, more 22_88A, more 3K.
No, keep on using AA but don't use the B if the opponent is blocking or if it's not a counterattack.
AA is safe on block
AAB is not safe on block, so it must be used only in counterhits
i dont know the diffculty but i have watched some hawkeye games.
I find spacing hard.. but ok ill try mix things up!
im loving 4aba am
Haha, that self ring out!
What difficulty was the AI?

As for what I see... I'd say your play lacks variation and has a very predictable rhythm--you almost always attack as soon as you have a frame advantage, and when you are close-ish to your opponent, you tend to simply wait and guard until you block an opponent's attack.

I guess I'd recommend you mix it up a bit. Don't always attack if you have advantage. If you attack and are blocked right away, you simply give you the advantage you had. If your opponent is guarding, run up and throw or use a low, or if they're already in the habit of blocking low when you run up, then you can try a mid.
However, if you have an opponent that tends to move around after they're hit or likes to attack even when they're hit, you can identify that and take appropriate measure. If you simply use mid/ high moves against an opponent, you may have trouble breaking them.

You should probably work on your spacing tools. If you become strong at knowing what distance you can attack at, and precisely when to charge in / precisely how to bait your opponent into attacking and missing, you can win the majority of matches easily. Try using 66A, and if it's a counter, use the B, or delay or add the B for variety. If you make your opponent whiff, you can use 66B and A+B to punish and knockdown, and then play out the ground game from there.
All I can say is watch Hawkeye play Natsu. The NEC videos to be exact...
my advices:
- try to stay closer to your opponent when you use natsu
- use 8A+B for guard breaking, it really works
- AAB is unsafe on guard (-14) and many characters, like pyrrha, can punish you for over 60 damage, so only use it if the first hit is a counterattack
- NOT ENOUGH 4A !!!!


Dec 6, 2012 at 1:51 AM
Posted by friend2luck
Me playing VS the AI, uploading this video so i could get help/tips on how i could improve.
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