NCR Pool D - Ceirnian(Viola) vs AlexJ(Xiba)

LOL this past weekend was not my weekend in terms of betting and playing. Lost horribly in both. Bet on Cedric vs Alex in this video, lost. Bet on Xeph vs Alex, lost. Pro-tip: Don't bet against Alex in MMs. Played Renzo first round, scraped the fuck up. Played the new Viola player from Merced, scraped the fuck up. The words of the great MF Voldo sum it up beautifully........'fuck man, I los't.

But the play of all the other folks this weekend was totally beautiful and helped to balance out my shitty play lol.
I didn't test out the sound myself, if it was hella loud, sorry, lol.
But yeah, if it's too loud, lower your volume.
Damn dude, why didn't you tell us to turn down the audio at the beginning?

Pro tip to everyone who is reading this: lower the volume on your audio.


Mar 26, 2012 at 4:16 PM
Posted by TagYouRPregnant
Ceirnian vs AlexJ on winners Pool D, loser goes to losers.
Hype as FUCK! All thanks to GO. :P
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