NEC XII: Scud (Ivy) vs RTD (Apprentice)

THAT....was an EXCELLENT fucking match!!!! Watching it here however I'm only half as hype because I already knew the result. This is the exact reason why I was so pissed about none of the SC4 singles being streamed besides the top 4. I could have been watching this match along with all my folks in the chat room getting hype as fuck. RTD had that shit too, damn. Oh well, good job to both players.
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I was personally trying to support lots of players, but think I had left at the start of the match or came back at the end.
Where are the people Cheering for RTD?, i hear all the french supporting their player but not one Supporting RTD, a so sad, americans have to learn how to support.


Dec 6, 2011 at 11:40 AM
Posted by NDK
NEC XII. Losers bracket
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