I saw this guy in person at the tournament yesterday. I walked into this place not knowing who anyone was, or how good I was against them. Russel is a God; this man was bouncing from station to station of every fighting game and WINNING each match up. He came over to Soul Calibur and challenged my good friend Ragnar to a duel right away. He does use many of the same tricks over and over its just that Yoshi is so quick to the eye it is hard to comprehend the animations to know where and how to block it. Very funny guy, he walked up and shook my friend's hand and said "Hello, I am NeoRussel" lol I love it when people use their online handles to introduce themselves.
Nice vid :) I liked the Amy segment. I learned Ivy and Cyrax by playing practice for probably a good 3 hours straight learning combos & combining moves then I play arcade with normal difficulty then the hardest difficulty. I keep repeating this then I hope online. After that I play a few rounds against the com. then hope online. I'm sure others use this process.
He plays all the games I do essentially, but with one key difference. HE'S good at them.
Good Q's, pro quality and lets us get into the head and know what kinda person NeoRussell is.
Keep the (interview) vids comin and keep kickin the butt Neo!
I LOVE U SPIDER!!! LOL! Ur vids r always top notch.


Jul 12, 2011 at 9:12 PM
Posted by Sp1d3r
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