Online Alpha Patroklos Matches

I wish I could fight you more often. Brother stole the PS3 and I haven't been online since XD
Thanks, you're pretty good yourself!
For the record, woahzz DOES have robot hands. His reflexes are inhuman, and he can input twister faster than a supercomputer.
Man i knew it was him when he threw out all those 1As lol, and yeah the custom.
Lol, how did you know it was Kietsero? The NM custom?
Also good job fucking Kietsero up, you know he was salty.
Yeah Woahhzz is definitely the best. He has robot hands its not fair lol
You fogot Saion and Wootie fool


Jun 29, 2013 at 10:54 PM
Posted by Blueboyb
Just some matches I had the other day :3. Hope you enjoyed!
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