Paisa Borracho (Paisa Troll) got defeated and loses to me in Soul Calibur 5 on Xbox 360!!!

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Jul 8, 2016 at 2:22 PM
Posted by Marginal
Practice after practice after PRACTICE!!! I finally defeated the Mexican troll, Paisa Borracho or (Paisa Troll) who's been trolling a lot of Soul Calibur 5 beginner players. This took place on the Xbox 360. My gamer tag is "JDM Jayce". Any comments or questions send them to me on Xbox Live or post them in the Comments.

But in all respect, subscribe to Paisa's Channel: He makes really funny gaming videos especially with Soul Calibur 5. He also plays other games such as GTA and other funny things as well. Subscribe to me as well.

Sorry if the volume is too low and it was filmed through phone. I will get a PC and a Camcorder sometime soon hopefully and re-record this replay through there.
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