[PGW 2011] Soul Calibur 5 - Misturugi (Akire) vs Ivy (Ring)

I thought that if you had to 2K BE B not 2KB as a regular combo like before
2KB, 2KB, 2KB, 2KB, 2KB........
Mitsu's 2kb didn't knockdown cause it wasn't in range and not a counter hit. I always hate the fact that 2kb was a fast knockdown. and after 2kb you get a free 3b for fair damage fast low attack. I felt it was a strong attack in SC4, now in SC5 you can follow a Critical Edge?! Lame Namco.
Wow Im loving Ivy's bow attack.
2.50 :O that was all kinds of AWESOME!!
That Magical Bow is too sweet that needs to be a regular move of hers, i still like sc4 3 stance ivy better but if they add more magical attacks like this she will be so cool!
a bow?! WTF IVY WTF, now I have to try her out too... Fml
That's my girl whoppin doe ass and now with a bow and arrow I love her!
No ofense but i always thought mitsus 2kb was overpowered, it was just hard to read and faster than most lows, plus you could get an extra hit afterwards garanteed, why do you think they changed it in sc5 to do upward slash with no launch properties? Mitsu 2kb was to good, now its how it should be
The reward for 2kb is higher than ever, so I guess they raised the risk. That said I am not sure it didn't trip Ivy because it wasn't point blank.
lol A freaking bow and arrow from a snake sword. Too much Yet very hot.
2kb no trip on normal hit and punishable on normal hit? WTF namco.


Oct 24, 2011 at 1:32 AM
Posted by RobDom88
SCV - Ring (Ivy) vs Akire (Mitsurugi)
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