PGW Finale Soulcalibur V , Keev ( Pyrrha ) vs Akire ( Mitsu )

you can just guard lows right? I haven't seen it yet.
I notice since they increase the game speed, the matches last shorter. On average, rounds only last 20 secs
I think with the loss of some moves With mitsurugi.
he gained some Damage in his moves
but this can change.
Thought Keev had after his domination in the early rounds, but Akire's just too solid


Oct 24, 2011 at 12:38 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
Finale du tournoi Organisé par Namco Bandai et Gnouz Corporation lors du Paris Game Week avec une Ps3 à gagner et de nombreux lots...

Plus d'infos sur la communauté française de soulcalibur , avec de nombreux tournois proposés. Enjoy
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