PRO Pyrrha (FenrisZero) VS Scrub Xiba (Me)

Hey Man I Got Your Back On This Bullshit P Swap 2.
Awww Thanks Twiz. I Didn't Know You Cared.
Lmao. Why you hiding the name?
Also Fenris plays like a lazy bitch so if it was you enjoy your win while he was in autopilot 3B mode and playing on a PS3 pad. . _.b
But dont missundestand me. the xiba isnt that good either. All i see here is a pyrrha that is way to trigger happy with 3B instead of mixing up with actually safe mids and a xiba player that fails to punish nearly every blocked unsafe 3B :P
Take it from someone that has played pyrha since sc5 released and been in top 3 in his country in many occasions. This guys pyrrha is horrible.
I don't play on the ps3 pad lol. @P.Wulf, I'm sure it's just one of his friends that he downloaded it from.
I don't think he was playing seriously lol. Also why do you have your name off screen?
We better lay low after our lucky wins


Mar 28, 2013 at 7:37 PM
Posted by IAdoreBunnies
Deitous is trying to outshine me at ( EXPOSING someone like Fenris. I'm afraid I can't let that happen, so here is my long overdue EXPOSURE of him. I remember when I joined his room, too. He had a nice win streak until I came in and left 8-0. Oh yea, go check out this page. It's relevant.
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