Rage Fest VIII - Soul Calibur V Tournament


Sep 8, 2015 at 9:02 AM
Posted by megadude234
The 7th of Rage Fest VIII's hype ass tournaments showcases some of the best ring out skills this side of my house.
Featuring: Nick Petrasiti AKA Don Pedro, John Hatfield AKA Jubbslayer, Salty Odinson AKA Commodore Salty, Chris King AKA Hosagi, Christian Hobbs AKA Jap Half Bro, Tim Houghton AKA The D & James Dunn AKA The American Scream (T.A.S.).

Music: Power Of Will by Alan Berlin, They Fought As Legends by Epic Score, Guardians At The Gate by Audiomachine

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Cheers guys!
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