Random Seong Mi-na fights Part 2 of 3

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Aug 16, 2009 at 4:33 PM
Posted by BifordusMaximus
Note: Description is the same as the first video and will be for the third.

I Like Using Mi-na. Most people dont like when I use her though. Lots of people dont like being kept at long range. I chose Seong Mi-na because not that many people use her. She's slow, predictable, easy to avoid and trying to fight close range with her is not a good idea. I have learned that using her requires the "mind games technique" which in my case I dont really have that ability. She is deceptively strong which is the main reason why I use her. I still have a lot of moves, timing and bad judgement calls to work out with her. Enjoy or hate these videos. ^_^'
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