Raphael Vs Algol Punishment

Also worth noting: If Algol qflips over you while you're standing and does A+B B, you can step the second bubble and punish with 236B, 66B, etc. Likewise, fast, advancing attacks can be used to punish the recovery of a bubble fired at mid range once its stepped, though I'm not sure of specific moves in this case.


Aug 5, 2013 at 3:51 PM
Posted by Jimbonator
Some notes on the oddball things you may have seen.

The 3AA JG punish requires a very quick 8 movement for the A+BA to connect, you don't have to move for any of the other 4B punishes where A+BA is an ender.
CE is an easy mode answer to Algol's 4A/4AB, so block the 4A and enjoy a free 75 damage.
The custom 33/99AB intercept combo is 100% guaranteed until after the 8A+B hits, to escape additional damage, AC to raphs left and away from him, further testing is needed.

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