Raywarlod is the best SCV player ever, omg.
gotta step up Lock, even Rakazuki and I have shown her what it means to spam lolol
I'm not sure how Lock, it's been up for a while and thanks. :)
Oh man I really hope I bump into this girl one day. Gotta show her some of my Pat swag.
Good job ray!
Recently discovered Miss__Dolores for the first time, All it takes is 2 (unoffensively sarcastic) posts + mashing Yoshi 3K~2K mixup 80% of the time & 3B in every round. and I've only gave her 2 matches before leaving (6-1) . THIS IS HOW SHE TREATS HER FANS :'C
All this time, the man I knew never existed.
I've read the Youtube comments. My gut hurts form laughing so much. This is what happens when a player instigates crap and then make excuses for not being able to compete.
I wonder why casuals dont harness the power of predicting and countering moves if someone spams? I never quite understood it.
there are some fun comments on that youtube video
right on the money Darkon XD
get ready for her white knight outthecamper at some point XD here we go again!
Best part about this, She made the vid. lol
OMFG Dolores!!!!! XD I had a run in with her on both youtube and online and she started whining about exactly the same thing lawl good job Ray


Apr 22, 2015 at 6:16 AM
Posted by Raywarlord
Miss__Dolores: This is RayWarLord spamming. Of course he denies spamming, but I think the video says otherwise. Notice I don't fight back, wanted to give him chance to prove he wasn't just boosting his fake rank.

RayWarlord: Funny thing. I fully admitted I was spamming and gave her 2 reasons for doing so. The first was being lazy and the second, knowing the fact she wasn't going to do anything about it. Yup, hate me guys for I've been exposed as a booster. lol
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