Yeah. I said "Well, I won that with straight BS" when that CE sequence went down.

Amingo's the bottom most tier character in MvC2.
OOOOHHHHH my. That CE wall combo was straight GANGSTER! I dont think Ive see maxi's CE do that much damage. Even with a wall in it.

I still dont know who Amingo is tho.


Jun 28, 2012 at 2:00 AM
Posted by Marginal
This time, I tried going off an image of Amingo rather than my hazy memories of what he looked like. A bit closer, but he's still a little too Tonberrylike. Oh well.

Three matches in this one. How does Amingo fare against the dread pirate Cervantes? Can he escape the clutches of the blind old man, Voldo?

Watch on gentle viewers.
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