RTD vs SU GameUnicon GrandFinals Set 1 Part 4

First time I saw someone being hit by Hilde´s unblockeable. And SU received both in the same round.
I just want to say, this is SU at the top of his game. This tournament, in my opinion, is where he really peaked at this game. His safety, risk/reward calculation and overall mental toughness were top notch here.. but when he got hit by C4A and C4B, he just lost his composure, I could see it drain from his face. He was fighting so hard to compensate for Hilde's massive advantages and that just broke his brain. RTD kept it cool and got the win.
The allure of the flame is so intoxicating, that moth has no choice but fly right into its inevitable demise.
I know how ya'll feel about FSAK, but this tournament was my proudest moment as a TO. I'm glad someone kept the footage around to repost. Also, yes a truly epic moment in SC4 tournament history.


Oct 27, 2011 at 2:52 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
An important moment in SC4 history.
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