SC4 Online HotRodDave (HRD) Vs RedDjinn(VizDisDik)

Just because you have alot of moves doesnt mean anything if 70% of them are pointless. I await your next pointless reply.
5 pages of moves compared to most other's 2 pages in the strat guide. Count your blessings.
Lance he def did.. obviously you wouldnt know because you dont main him...
God this game is booooring
Have you looked at the length of your move list compared to anyone else's? I don't think Yoshi got the short end of the stick in this game.
I believe so as well Alpha... Should be called Super Soul Fighter V
Soul Calibur V is missing the "Soul Calibur" aspect....IMO
  • JustinAkatsuki

Miss sc4 yoshi so bad :/ this yoshi the second is just not like him....he can suck it.


Aug 2, 2012 at 9:52 AM
Posted by RedDjinn
Salt free days...

Ah Mic sessions are always different...
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